About Muyang

The importation of used goods into Cameroon from Europe, the USA, Asia, etc. is a very lucrative business. An article on Cameroon’s 2019 budget presented by Dr. Hugue Nkoutchou (https://bit.ly/2EL0Yvt) states that import-related tax constitutes the third source of income for the Cameroon Government. According to this article, aside from fish and rice, a huge percentage of the total annual imports constitutes refurbished goods. According to Cameroon concord, a local newspaper herein, (https://bit.ly/2yRu5Jx), 80% of Cameroonians rely on the refurbished goods sector both for business and shopping. Due to the low-income rate of most Cameroonians which results in low purchasing power, most Cameroonians resort to or prefer to purchase imported refurbished goods that are relatively inexpensive and to many, more durable than third-grade so-called brand new goods flooding in most African markets. Businessmen have taken advantage of the situation and are leveraging the sector by importing these goods into the Country. However, refurbished goods markets are not well organized as supermarkets and/or shopping malls which are segmented into sections, shells, etc. Our innovation is to structure and organize the refurbished goods markets in order to enable vendors to serve as many customers through our website. Also, we manage non-biodegradable waste that results from the huge annual importation of such goods

Muyang is a well-structured and organized online virtual representation of ALL refurbished goods markets in Cameroon. It is a multi-vendor and multi-location e-commerce platform, designed and implemented with numerous features especially search parameters/algorithms that facilitate item search and flexibility in shopping for customers. Vendor account signup goes through a two (2) phase verification (both online and on-site) to ensure the authenticity of both the vendors as well as the quality of their goods. Our services are available online via a website and via mobile apps on android/iOS operating systems for both vendors and customers of the refurbished goods sector. Through our platforms, vendors can upload images of their stock while customers, regardless of their location can then search the entire national refurbish markets from the confines of their room using a few keywords and/or the implemented search parameters. This is our STAR service which we call the Muyang Marketplace (MM). Another value-added service that we offer is the Bari Container Management (BCM) service that provides importers with recent market research statistics that detail the market trends, needs, etc. Through BCM, we lobby and solicit contracts from importers to manage/run their operations such as sales, marketing, and reporting (daily, monthly, and quarterly). Muyang Order is equally a value-added service that accepts commands which are not found on the MM, processes the commands, and reverts to the clients within the shortest time possible. We have succeeded to increase customer satisfaction, fast sales, and speedy turnover for vendors.

Lastly, our environmental protection project will impact most communities. We plan on using our platform to gather all non-biodegradable waste in exchange for coupons (for customers) and a commission rate or platform fee reduction (for vendors). This waste comes as a result of the mass importation of used goods which over the years has polluted our environment (water and soil) thus causing serious health issues. Some equally get into our drainage systems causing floods. More on this can be found in an article published on LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/2J7yNcP