FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

We are a multi-vendor e-commerce platform that leverages the sales of (but not limited to) imported refurbished goods.

Our headquarters is based in Ndobo, Bonaberi-DOUALA CAMEROON.

80% of our vendors sell imported refurbished goods while the remaining 20% sell either imported brand new products or locally produced goods made in Cameroon. We look forward to striking a balance for all three parties in the nearest future.

Cameroon and the Central African Sub-region (CEMAC).

Enabling clients to effortless browse through and shop from multiple vendors in all refurbished goods markets across multiple locations with the help of search parameters within the split of a second, and get the goods delivered to their doorsteps.

First, we verify the authenticity of the vendor and the quality of his/her products. Approved vendors are then allowed to upload products to the platform. Secondly, the uploaded goods are organized in categories, brands, status (new or used), location, etc., and published to all customers. Customers then select, purchase, and pay for the items needed.
Lastly, we call the customer upon reception of the cash and proceed with delivery formalities.

In a global view, yes we do in some cases. However, in the real sense, each vendor on our platform is in charge of defining his/her returns, refund, and guarantee policies either for their shops or for some particular product. Reasons why we encourage all customers to read all shop/product policies before issuing payment.
Muyang ONLY ensures that vendors respect the policies which they publish on our platform. More details about this are on the Guarantee and Refund Policy page.

Yes, we provide after-sales services such as local pickup or purchase items from our base. This enables the client or the person authorized by the client to verify the product again. Together with the client, we choose the best or most convenient route to ship the package to the client.

Muyang is a subsidiary of the MUYANG GROUP of Companies. The Group holds majority shares in the company and is a member of the board of directors or shareholders. The board votes on the Managing Director of MUYANG who then proposes candidates for the position of HRM, CTO, CFO, and COO for approval or validation by the board to form the Managing Committee. The HRM then designs the organigram and presents the individual profiles for each open position to the management committee for approval, scheduling interviews, and validation.