How To Sell on Muyang


  1. Businesses or shops interested in patronizing the Muyang platform for sales will have to register or sign-up for a vendor account. Choose “shop owner” from the “Registered as” dropdown list when filling out the sign-up form.
  2. The platform will send an OTP code to you either via email or SMS. You will have to copy this code and paste it into the space provided on the platform to complete your account verification and signup process.
  3. After account verification, we then proceed to the verification of the shop. We will then use 48hrs maximum for this process starting with:
    • Visiting the physical address you provided
    • Determining the type, quality, and quantity of goods sold by the vendor
    • Cross-examining business registration documents such as certificate of incorporation, taxpayers’ attestation, and certificate of non-indebtedness.
  4. Depending on the threshold value base on the points above, we can either accept or decline to approve the vendor account registration request.
  5. Approved shops will then be given access to the backend to upload scan copies of business documents stated above.
  6. When we receive and verify the documents, vendors will then be given access to start uploading their business products on the platform.
    Vendors will be able to upload:
    • The product images,
    • Input stock quantity,
    • Product brands,
    • The product status (new or used),
    • Product Policies (refund, return, exchange, and guarantee) per product.
  7. We will also notify rejected vendor accounts applicants via email or call the reason for rejection. Then we’ll encourage them to rectify/correct the highlighted issues and re-apply.