Returns, Refunds and Exchange Policies

To avoid or minimize possible situations of return requests and refunds, Muyang will always do everything possible and within its powers to ensure the diligent verification of both the vendors and the products they upload. Customers will equally be advised to read the RRE policies for each particular vendor or product before proceeding with payment.

Customers who have bought from a particular vendor, will be given access to rate and review the vendor based on product quality, quantity, and the effectiveness/respect of their RRE policies. This will guide future clients to purchase from vendors with good ratings and reviews. Also, vendors with good ratings will always be displayed on the first pages of the Muyang Marketplace while those with poor ratings are shifted to the bottom pages.

For products with RRE policies, customers have up to 24hrs to issue a request after receiving the package.

Muyang alongside the vendor will then process the request base on the RRE policies that covered the product and may either propose an exchange deal or a cash refund in worst-case scenarios if all options are exhausted.